Housekeeping ~ Parents

Post date: Feb 16, 2017 7:15:02 PM

Parents – Micaville School needs your assistance.

February 16, 2017


In an effort to continually improve Micaville School, this letter is being written to request your assistance with a few “housekeeping” problems we are experiencing.

1. Try to avoid calling the school to change plans of afternoon childcare. Send a note to the teacher if there is a change of plans.

2. Do not arrive at school before 2:35 to pick up your child. If there is an appointment or emergency and you must arrive early, you must stop by the office and have your child called to the office. Remember: three early dismissals will be considered an absence. Students are missing instructional time when they leave early or come to school tardy.

3. All visitors must ALWAYS stop by the office. Do not walk down the hall unless the office gives notice. This is a safety issue. There are too many interruptions during instruction.

4. If you or your child is sick, do not come into the school building. If your child gets sick while at school, someone at school will notify you. Please make sure we have current phone numbers on file.

5. You have probably noticed our “New Parent Parking” area. If you have an appointment or need to pick up your child before 2:35, you need to park in the parent parking area and walk in and sign your student out.

6. The gates will be closed until 2:30. Do not park outside of this gate. It causes a traffic jam.

7. Please do not congregate in the foyer at the end of school. There is too much noise and students are not able to hear announcements. This is a safety issue.

8. Parents – we need your support in these areas to help your student thrive academically.

Thank you,

Michele D. Laws, Principal