School Nurse

Notes from the School Nurse

--I have two schools: Micaville, and South Toe

--I alternate mornings and afternoons between Micaville and South Toe.

--I’m here to help students, parents and staff with any medical issues that may arise.

--Some of my responsibilities include:

- writing emergency action plans and care plans for all of my students that have medical issues.

-completing and maintaining medication orders

-caring for sick/injured students

-providing fluoride swish for 1st-5th graders

--We have access to telemedicine at both of my schools. This means that if a student needs to see a doctor and their parents have enrolled them in the telemedicine program, they can be seen by one of our telemedicine doctors over the computer without having to miss school.

--If parents have questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at the school at 675-4161.

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