Title 1 Plan

Micaville Elementary


2021-2022 Title 1 Plan

Principal: Miranda Elkins

Micaville Elementary School

112 State Hwy. 80 South

Burnsville, NC 28714


Table of Contents

  1. Implementation Plan

  2. Comprehensive Needs Assessment

  3. Parent and Family Engagement

  4. School Parent and Family Engagement Policy

  5. Parent Compact

  6. Faculty/Staff Acknowledgment

Implementation Plan

Description of strategies the school will implement to:

Provide opportunities for all children to meet state academic standards

  • Students will be taught by highly-qualified teachers

  • Teachers will follow NC Standard Course of Study and North Carolina/Yancey County Pacing Guides

  • Utilize technology as a tool by providing an individualized education. (one-to-one initiative)

  • Title I funds used to hire tutor remediation for students who are below grade level and an additional teacher assistant

  • One-to-one technology

  • MAGIC After-school program made available for students who are deemed “at-risk”

  • NC State Check-Ins for Grades 3-5 Reading, Math and 5th Science administered once material has been covered

Use methods and instructional strategies that strengthen the academic program in the school, increase the amount and quality of learning time, and help provide enriched and accelerated curriculum - may include programs, activities, and courses necessary to provide a well-rounded education

  • AIG program for students who qualify in grades 4 and 5.

  • AIG (Nurturing) for students above grade level in 3rd grade (2nd semester)

  • Individualized math and reading

  • Teachers-pay-teachers (Angie Neal) resources for math (K-2)

  • Effective research-based online programs for remediation/enrichment in both math and reading

  • Fundations - K-3 Reading Curriculum

  • Junior Great Books to promote higher-order thinking skills

  • EPIC Reading program used by grades K-5.

  • Exceptional Children’s resources for students who qualify as an exceptional child.

  • Integration of History, Social Studies, Technology, Math, Language Arts into Music/Art Programs

  • Project Lead the Way through Media/Digital Lab Assistant

  • STEM activities to promote team building, dialogue, and higher order thinking skills incorporated into classrooms

  • ELL curriculum provided to students who qualify for ELL services.

  • Brain Books (Interactive Notebooks)

  • Increased learning time - additional minutes added to the school day

  • Master Schedule to include cooperative planning time and weekly Media and Technology - STEM

  • Small group instruction (Reading literacy blocks, Math stations)

  • Hands-on science - experiments - guest speakers

  • Utilize “CLASS DOJO” as a communication tool with parents as well as Google Classroom

  • NC ELI

  • Read Works - Read-Well - LANGUAGE - Programs used to reach students at different levels of proficiency

  • Virtual field trips to a variety of historic establishments, natural wonders, etc.

  • NC Check-Ins

  • Incorporation of effective teaching strategies and methods

Address the needs of all children, but particularly the needs of those at risk of not meeting State academic standards which may include activities such as:

Use of effective teaching strategies to benefit all students, especially students in these areas:

  • EC Students

  • ELL Students

  • ED Students - since individual data is not available to us, we must target ALL students as though they fall in this category.

  • AIG Students - We must learn to differentiate for these students each day in order to challenge them and maximize potential academic growth

Counseling, school-based mental health programs, specialized instructional support services, mentoring services, and other strategies to improve students’ skills outside the academic subject:

  • Title I - Digital Learning Center

  • Highly qualified tutors

  • Teacher Assistant paid with Title I Funds to allow for smaller instructional groups

  • MAGIC - Afterschool Program

Preparation for and awareness of opportunities and postsecondary education and the workforce, which may include CTE: Virtual field trips

  • Research activities

  • Career Day, College Day, etc.

  • STEM

Implementation of a schoolwide tiered model to prevent and address problem behavior, and early intervening services, coordinated with similar activities and services carried out under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act:

  • MTSS School Team (Counselor, MTSS Chair, Principal, EC, Classroom Teachers for Care Team), Yancey County School Social Worker, Yancey County Behavioral Specialists, Yancey County Schools - School Psychologist

Professional development and other activities for teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school personnel to improve instruction and use of data from academic assessments, and to recruit and retain effective teachers, particularly in high needs subjects:

  • Professional Development, (Fundations, MTSS Trainings, Grade Level Meetings, PLC, Rick Wormeli, Specific Focus on Math Instruction and Other PD deemed necessary)

  • On-line modules - MTSS, universal screener, STEM

Strategies for assisting preschool children in the transition from early childhood education programs to local elementary school programs; elementary school to middle school; middle school to high school:

  • Transition Day - Kindergarten Registration

  • Transition meetings between Pre-K staff and Kindergarten teachers

  • Kindergarten Academy

  • Grade-level transition meetings between current and future teacher

  • Transition components for 5th graders for successful transition to middle school

    • School tour

    • Transition meeting between 5th and 6th grade teachers, EC transition meetings, counselors, administration

Methods and Instructional Strategies that strengthen the academic program in the school.

Based on the school’s Title 1 Comprehensive Needs Assessment, Title I will fund the following during the 2021-2022 school year.

Remediation Tutor

II. Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Based on school data, (EVAAS, EOG, Teacher Working Conditions Survey, Staff Member Input, MTSS data, Internal Review, etc.) what are strengths from 2020-2021?


Data Points to Support

  • Fundations double-dosing and remediation with HQ tutors (TSI funds and Title I funds used for tutors)

  • Staff Member Input (Verbal and student score)

  • Shine Time (may need to be tweaked/revised) - all year in some capacity - staff working with small groups successful

  • Staff Member Input (Summative Evaluation Questionnaire)

  • Becoming more familiar with the MTSS process, with students receiving appropriate interventions and some getting placed who qualify for needed services

  • Scores of students who received interventions and EC placements dependant upon successful completion of the MTSS process

  • According to iStation ROI Reports, our school experienced moderate growth in reading Levels 1-4, high growth in math Level 1’s and moderate growth in math Levels 2-4.

  • iStation Rate of Improvement Reports

  • Teacher and Staff dedication to student learning - willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that each student is learning

  • Staff Member Input

  • Involvement of School Counselor with all students - Class lessons and individual counseling needs so students can better focus on learning

  • Staff Member Input

Based on school data, (EVAAS, EOG, Teacher Working Conditions Survey, Staff Member Input, MTSS data, Internal Review, etc.) what are weaknesses from 2020-2021?


  • Achievement of Level 5 students - Low growth overall in math and reading

Data Points to Support

  • iStation, EOG’s

  • Overall math proficiency

  • iStation, EOG’s

  • Attendance - Due to pandemic and lack of accountability for parents

  • Staff Input and absences from Google Meets, in person instruction, tardies and leave earlies

  • Overall achievement/growth of ELL students

  • iStation, EOG’s

  • Overall achievement/growth of EC students

  • TSI designation from previous years, working toward coming off the list

  • Overall achievement/growth of ED students

  • Prior EOG data

Goals for 2021-2022 (Objectives – Based on School Data)

What should I buy with my Title 1 money to address Indicators/Objectives/Tasks (Include staff, PD, workshops, class size, instructional supplies, technology, etc).

  • Increase proficiency of all students in reading and increase percent of students who are CCR

  • PD - Effective teaching strategies to promote learning for all students including EC, ELL, ED and AIG

  • Increase proficiency of all students in math and increase percent of students who are CCR

  • PD - Effective teaching strategies to promote learning for all students including EC, ELL, EC and AIG

  • Provide experiences to promote higher-order thinking, especially for students in Levels 4 and 5

  • PD, Cover subs to visit classrooms of teachers evidenced to successfully incorporate these ideas, STEM activities and materials

  • Encourage a love for reading by purchasing new books and materials for the library and classrooms

  • Books/Materials

  • Provide counseling and related services to struggling students so they are better equipped to focus on learning

  • PD

Student Achievement Goal (Target Group)

Action Steps/Delivery model

PD or Consultation Needed to Support Action Steps

Timeline for ongoing evaluation

(quarterly/semi-annually, annually)

Evaluation of Effectiveness

What changes will be made to ensure student success?

Family Engagement to Support Student Success

Cost (itemized)


Follow NC - Common Core Standards

Pacing Guides - Benchmark Testing

mClass/amplify, universal screener, NC Check-Ins

Lesson Plans, Grade Level Meetings,

PLC’s, PD, Data Team

Weekly (Lesson Plans)

Pacing Guides provided to parents at Open House

Review of Benchmark scores - progress monitoring

Grade Level meetings with administrator

Parent Trainings

(Remote Learning, PowerSchool)

Parent Nights

MTSS Process



Pull out & Inclusion based on individual needs

Use effective teaching strategies to promote individual student growth

Schoolwide schedule, Input from EC Teacher

PD (additional trainings for effective teaching strategies)

As IEP’s become due - annually

As progress monitoring/data warrants change

Quarterly Data Team Meetings

Universal Screeners


Progress Monitoring Interventions


NC Check-Ins



IEP Meetings

Parent Nights

Parent Trainings

Communication with Parents

MTSS Process



ELL Teacher Schedule

Provide additional trainings for regular classroom teachers regarding effective teaching strategies

Schoolwide schedule, Input from ELL Teacher

PD (additional trainings for effective teaching strategies)

As IEP’s become due - annually

As progress monitoring/data warrants change

Quarterly Data Team Meetings

Universal Screeners


Progress Monitoring


NC Check-Ins



IEP Meetings

Parent Nights

Parent Trainings

Communication with Parents

MTSS Process



Since there is no way of knowing which students fall in this category, we must assume ALL students fall in this category

Provide additional trainings for all teachers regarding effective teaching strategies

Universal Screeners


Progress Monitoring


NC Check-Ins



IEP Meetings

Parent Nights

Parent Trainings

Communication with Parents

MTSS Process


III. Parent and Family Engagement

Title I Parent/Family Engagement is an ongoing collaboration among family, student, teacher, support staff, and administration to support and enhance student academic success. Annually, schools should review and have parent/guardian input regarding school compacts, school-level parent involvement policy, and work with parents/guardians to create the Parent Involvement Plan for the school year. The Parent Involvement/Family Engagement Plan states the activities for the year and the budget for the activities. All parent/guardian communication must be in language understood by parent/guardian or translated language.

At one of the four Parent and Family Engagement meetings, the following information must be shared: Parent Compact; school Parent and Family Engagement Policy and Plan; district Parent and Family Engagement Policy; Testing and Accountability information; State testing requirements and schedule including any field/NAPE assessments.

Meeting Dates

Meeting Activities

Cost of Activities/Materials/Take Home*

Cost of Refreshments *



Parent Training Nights and Title I Parent Nights



August 18th

Monday, August 23rd

Parent Nights:





Welcome back to school; Parents Right to Know; Curriculum information-Open House - Meet the Teacher

Read to Achieve - Night - (3rd Grade) (8/23/21)


Remote Learning

Proper Care of Devices

Completion of Forms for Devices

Handing out of devices

Title I Update

Free and Reduced Lunch

Use of Title I Funds

Reading Night

Math Night

STEM Night




Classroom Planners 3rd/4th/5th Grades Communication- BEE Books-K-2 - Parent Communication

Testing Schedule - Share with faculty/staff/parents

NC-Check-In - Information -

NC-Check-In - Information - Progress Report

NC-Check-In - Information - Progress Report

Total Cost

A content-based meeting/activity should be held at least quarterly.

IV. School Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Micaville Elementary School

Title I Parental Involvement Policy


Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Micaville Elementary School to provide each student with an individualized education in a safe and supportive environment.

Philosophy Statement of Title I:

Micaville Elementary School believes that parents/guardians play a vital role in the education of their child. We believe the parent is the first and most important teacher of that child. We believe that communication between school and home is vital for a successful school year.


  • Parents/Guardians will be provided with Title I information and be invited to quarterly parent involvement meetings.

  • Parents will be invited to an “Open-House” during the first 10 days of school in order to meet their child’s teacher and become familiar with classroom procedures and expectations.

  • Upon request, a parent/teacher conference will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time..

  • Parents may contact the teacher through e-mail, Class DoJo, Google Classroom, or by phone after 2:45pm if a question or concern should arise.

  • Administration and classroom teachers may utilize Blackboard Connect, an automatic communication tool, as needed.

  • BEE Books, Student Planners, Class DoJo, and PowerSchool are communication tools used by Micaville Elementary School. Parents should check daily at home.

  • The school will provide a qualified staff to educate the students.

  • The school has provided a Student/Teacher/Parent compact which outlines responsibilities of those parties.

  • Parents are invited to volunteer at Micaville Elementary school. (Volunteers undergo a background check and complete a volunteer enrollment packet).

Micaville Elementary School will comply with local policies regarding parental involvement.

V. Parent Compact

Student/Parent/Teacher Compact

Micaville Elementary School

As a Parent/Guardian I will:

  • Provide a loving, nurturing environment for my child, meeting all his/her basic needs - adequate rest, food, clothing, etc.

  • Share information with the teacher/school which may be vital to my child’s educational and behavioral success at school.

  • Stress the importance of education and completion of all assignments to the best of their ability.

  • Show respect and support for my child’s teacher(s) and the school by working collaboratively with them. This includes contacting the teacher, counselor, or administrator should a concern arise and attending all parent-teacher conferences or meetings called on behalf of my child.

  • Promote regular attendance and ensure that my child completes make-up assignments at times when he/she must be absent. I realize that my child has up to 5 days from the date of absence to complete and turn in these assignments.

  • Strive to make sure my child attends school each day and send a doctor’s note each time once my child accrues over 5 unexcused absences.

  • Make sure my child arrives at school before 7:45 am.

  • Read and review the school handbook and policies and teach my child to obey them.

  • Teach my child to show respect for self and others.

  • Read all school communication (sign and return if requested).

  • Teach my child to do the best he/she can do at all times.

  • Support my child’s learning by reading with him/her for at least 20 minutes each night.

____________________________________ ____________________________________

Parent(s) Signature Date

As a Student I will:

  • Attend school every day and complete missing assignments within 5 days of any absence.

  • Bring all needed materials to class each day and come to school prepared.

  • Observe and follow school expectations.

  • Share with my parents all school communication the day it is given to me.

  • Communicate with my teachers/parents/school staff whenever I have a problem.

  • Give my best effort at all times and learn to “persevere” or never give up.

_________________________________ ____________________________________

Student Signature Date

As a Teacher I will:

  • Challenge and encourage all students to learn.

  • Foster a safe and caring environment that promotes life-long learning.

  • Tailor instructional approaches and educational settings to serve a diverse student population.

  • Help your student understand the importance of strong character and the importance of a vital community.

  • Continue to be a life-long learner and strive to provide a professional workplace.

  • Use technology as a tool to enhance the educational setting at Micaville Elementary School.

  • Regard every child as able, valuable, and responsible.

  • Care for every child in his/her individual development both academically and personally.

  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to learning.

  • Maintain high expectations for every child’s academic performance and personal behavior.

  • Make efficient use of learning time.

  • Maintain frequent and positive communication with parents.

  • Enforce school and classroom rules fairly and consistently.

  • Supply parents with clear evaluations of progress and achievement.

  • Demonstrate professional behavior and a positive attitude.

  • Treat every child and parent with dignity and respect.

  • Provide a high-quality effective learning environment that is safe and that enables the student to meet the State’s student academic achievement standards.

  • Provide ongoing two-way communication between teachers and parents through parent-teacher-student conferences and frequent reports to parents.

  • Provide reasonable access to parents through an “open door’ policy (appointments may be required)

  • Provide a mutually respectful relationship between all parties (students, parents, teachers, and volunteers)

_____________________________________ ___________________________________

Teacher’s Signature Date

TITLE I SCHOOL-WIDE SCHOOL - All elementary schools in Yancey County receive Title I funding. Micaville Elementary has a Title I School-wide program. This school receives federal funding to provide services to students who have academic needs. Parents and guardians will be invited to meetings held periodically to discuss curriculum and student progress. Parent participation is encouraged and welcomed. Please make preparations to be a vital resource in your child’s education.

VI. Faculty/Staff Acknowledgment

I acknowledge that I have reviewed the school’s Title 1 Plan and am in agreement with the goals and proposed budget.

________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

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Principal Signature _______________________________ Date:___________________________________________